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Things A Private Investigator Can Do

10 Jun, 2024

Ever wondered what a private investigator can really do? From uncovering hidden truths to providing critical support in legal matters, the role of a PI is multifaceted and fascinating. At the Global Bureau of Security & Investigations, we specialize in delivering professional, discreet, and effective investigative services. Read more to learn about the various tasks a PI can handle and the invaluable assistance they can offer.

Tracking Movements

A key aspect of a PI’s job is surveillance, which often involves tracking individuals to gather information about their activities. This can be vital in cases of suspected infidelity, insurance fraud, or even custody disputes. With advanced techniques and a keen eye, PIs can discreetly follow individuals and document their movements without raising suspicion.

Finding People

Whether you're trying to locate a long-lost relative, a missing person, or someone who owes you money, PIs have the tools and expertise to track down individuals. Utilizing databases, interviews, and other investigative techniques, they can uncover the whereabouts of people who are difficult to find.

Comprehensive Background Checks

Background checks are important for landlords, employers, and individuals looking to understand more about someone’s past. PIs can conduct thorough background investigations to reveal criminal records, employment history, credit scores, and more. This service is invaluable for making informed decisions about personal and professional relationships.

Business Insights

PIs also gather intelligence on businesses. Whether you need to verify the legitimacy of a company, uncover fraudulent activities, or gain insight into business practices, a PI can provide detailed reports on business operations, financial status, and reputational risks.

Legal Support

Delivering legal documents is a critical function often handled by PIs. Known as process serving, this task involves ensuring that legal notices, subpoenas, and other documents are delivered to the correct individuals in a timely manner. PIs ensure that this process is conducted legally and efficiently.

Tracking Vehicles

GPS tracking is another tool in the PI’s arsenal. By placing a GPS device on a vehicle, investigators can monitor its movements in real-time. This is very useful in cases of suspected infidelity, theft, or when keeping tabs on employees during work hours.

Law Enforcement Collaboration

PIs often work alongside law enforcement to provide additional resources and expertise. They can help gather evidence, interview witnesses, and conduct surveillance that supports police investigations. This collaboration can be a necessity in solving complex cases.

Searching the Dark Web

The dark web is a secrative part of the internet where illegal activities often occur. PIs with specialized knowledge can search this space to find information that is not accessible through regular internet searches. This can include anything from stolen data to illicit transactions.

Analyzing Trash

Sometimes, the most critical evidence can be found in the trash. PIs can legally search through discarded items to uncover information that may be relevant to a case. This can include financial documents, personal notes, or even digital data stored on discarded devices.

Uncovering Hidden Information

PIs are skilled at finding sensitive information that individuals or organizations might want to keep hidden. This can range from financial records to personal communications. Using legal and ethical methods, PIs can uncover these details and present them in a way that is admissible in court.

Online Dating

With online dating, not everyone is who they claim to be. PIs can help verify the identities and backgrounds of potential matches, ensuring that you are not falling victim to a scam. This service can provide peace of mind and protect against fraud.

Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting is a reliable method for verifying identity and conducting background checks. PIs offer fingerprinting services for various purposes, including employment screening, licensing, and personal identification. This service is important for ensuring accuracy and security.

Going Undercover

In some cases, PIs may need to go undercover to gather information. This involves assuming a different identity to infiltrate a group or organization. Undercover work requires skill and discretion, and it can be vital in uncovering illegal activities or gathering firsthand evidence.

An Eye in the Sky

Modern PIs use technology like drones to conduct surveillance from above. Drones are capable of capturing HD images and videos, providing a bird’s-eye view of a situation. This is particularly useful for large properties, events, or areas that are difficult to access on foot.

Do You Need Private Investigation Services?

From surveillance and background checks to collaborating with law enforcement and using advanced technology, private investigation services can uncover vital information. At the Global Bureau of Security & Investigations, our team is dedicated to delivering thorough, professional, and confidential investigative services for our clients. Our team of experienced investigators uses state-of-the-art technology and proven techniques to deliver results you can trust. Whether you need surveillance, background checks, or any other investigative service, we are here to help.

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