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Robert L. Conley, PPS
Director of Security & Investigations
Robert L. Conley, PPS
Director of Security & Investigations

With decades of experience in law enforcement, Former Chief of Police Conley brings the code he lived by for so long - to protect and serve - to private security work. As a result, the Global Bureau of Security and Investigations, which Mr. Conley founded in 1992 as a small local company in Atlanta, now protects and serves a wide array of corporate and private clients not only in Georgia, where it is still headquartered, but all over the world. Mr. Conley, a Georgia Certified Law Enforcement Instructor, was chosen over by many international companies to provide security for former US presidents, members of the royal family, for CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies, as well as for huge international conferences and sporting events. Mr. Conley’s second career, as a successful Private Investigator, gives him the unique experience and the keen insight needed to conduct all the investigative work and intelligence gathering that GBSI handles around the globe. He is also a Federal Law Enforcement Instructor on Domestic Violence and holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice.

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