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Frequently Asked questions

Q Why would I need to hire an international security company?

It could be a suspicion, an intuition, or a crime in progress that alerts you to the fact that you might need help. Forensic audits may have uncovered irregularities within your company or among your suppliers, or you may just be worried that such irregularities could happen. Possibly, you or your company has received threats or you may just be aware that your assets or data are a ripe target for theft. Perhaps, you have already been victimized and want to ensure that it never happens again. Often, like getting an annual medical check-up, it’s a good idea to have a competent security company look over your operation for weak spots or areas of concern.

Q Why would I pick GBSI?

Along with the latest security techniques, equipment, technology, and expertise, GBSI offers a number of unique benefits that you just can’t get from other security companies. One is the in-house facilities for conducting in-depth investigations and intelligence gathering. Another is the personal access to GBSI founder and owner Robert L. Conley, for his valuable advice and oversight. Yet another is the fact that the GBSI principals are all former police officers and the entire company adheres to the chivalrous ' protect and serve’ code that they have lived their lives by. It adds a unique layer of dedication and attention to detail to their work, which is part and parcel of every GBSI operation.

Q What can GBSI do for me?

First and foremost, we can give you peace of mind. We can confidently and efficiently take care of any kind of security problem you may have. We have over 20 years of experience in everything from thorough employee background checks, to international bodyguard work, to site and event security with hundreds of armed guards or unarmed guards, to the creation and installation of full service, state-of-the-art-security systems for homes, businesses, and entire corporations all over the world. We even have the in-house facilities to train you or your executives or an entire private security force in security techniques and systems, in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of firearms. We can manage all the risks that come with being successful. So you can continue being successful.

Q Can I count on the professionalism of GBSI employees?

GBSI is a member of both ASIS, and GAPPI - the recognized national organizations for certified security and investigative professionals. Virtually, all GBSI employees are ex-police or ex-military and are used to performing at peak levels under stressful conditions. All are bonded and fully insured. And all have been vetted by owner and founder Robert L. Conley who personally guarantees their professionalism and dedication.

Q Why would I need investigative services?

Often, the best defense is a good offense and in-depth investigations can uncover intelligence that lets you avoid future security problems altogether. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a thorough background check on job applicants. Sometimes, it can uncover employee theft rings or hacker intrusions. Sometimes, it can reveal unauthorized audio or listening devices in your premises or place of business. Sometimes, it can discover industrial espionage. Regular investigations, properly conducted, can be a very important part of your security system and it is another area where GBSI excels.

Q How will GBSI keep information about me and my company confidential?

All GBSI client files are kept in secure, encrypted off-line storage which cannot be hacked. Files are only accessed by those who are working directly with you and only on a strict ‘need to know’ basis. In over 20 years of operation, during thousands of assignments all over the world, there has never been a breach of client confidentiality at GBSI.

Q How do I go about hiring GBSI?

We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, but operate all over the world. If you are local to metro Atlanta, you can arrange a one-on-one meeting with Robert L. Conley, GBSI’s founder and owner, you can also contact him personally through telephone, email, or videoconference. The initial 30-minute consultation is free. Every hour thereafter is $150. Please call: 404-876-7273 or Email: info@gbsillc.com