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Private Investigation Services for Law Firms

21 Nov, 2023

In the legal world, cases aren't always as cut-and-dried as they seem. Sometimes, the critical piece of the puzzle seems just out of reach, buried under layers of complexity and shadow. The right private investigation company can step in to shine a light on the unknown, turning the tides in legal battles. At the Global Bureau of Security & Investigations, we provide comprehensive services for our clients, including local law offices. For legal firms, collaboration with seasoned private investigators can make the difference between a case that’s won or lost. But why exactly should law firms integrate PIs into their strategy, and how do these investigative maestros tilt the scales in your favor? 

How PIs Add Value to Legal Teams

Private investigators provide the essential intelligence that legal teams need to outmaneuver the opposition. Their knack for uncovering hard-to-find information and turning over the proverbial stones can bring forth evidence that may not have been obtainable through traditional legal research methods. They serve as an extended arm of the law firm, diving deep into public records, connecting with sources, and employing surveillance when necessary to fill in the blanks. 

The PI’s Role in Building a Case

When building a case, every detail matters. Investigators are methodical in their approach to collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, and assembling a dossier that adds depth to the narrative a law firm is constructing. They employ a mix of traditional techniques and cutting-edge technology to track down information that is relevant and admissible in court, ensuring that the case is as strong as possible. With their unique skill set, PIs can uncover the subtle inconsistencies in a story or find the one witness that turns a case around. 

Asset Searches

Whether it's a divorce settlement or a corporate lawsuit, understanding the financial picture is important. A private investigator conducts thorough asset searches to paint a complete picture of an individual’s or entity’s financial standing. Real estate, hidden accounts, overseas investments, and even intangible assets often slip under the radar. By tracking down these assets, a private investigator ensures that law firms are negotiating from a position of informed strength, fully aware of what's at stake and what can be claimed.

Background Checks

A background check can speak volumes about an individual's history and credibility. PIs excel in running comprehensive background checks that go much deeper than a mere Google search or an inspection of social media profiles. They verify education and employment histories, dig into criminal records, and investigate personal associations that could influence a case. For law firms, this service is invaluable. It provides a clear picture of the parties involved, preparing attorneys for any potential surprises that could emerge in the courtroom.

Litigation Support

Legal battles are won on the strength of evidence, and PIs provide critical litigation support to ensure the arsenal is well-stocked. This can range from uncovering documentation to finding the key witness who has eluded the legal team. A PI's contribution can often be the pivot point in a case, transforming a weak argument into an undeniable one. Furthermore, investigators offer ongoing support, adjusting their strategies as the case evolves and new information surfaces, ensuring that the legal team is always one step ahead.

Intellectual Property Cases

In the realm of intellectual property, the stakes are high and the evidence is often elusive. PIs play a pivotal role in these cases, tracking down infringements and gathering the evidence needed to protect a client’s creations. Their ability to navigate the complexities of IP law, from patents to copyrights, enables law firms to enforce their clients' rights with conviction and authority.

Corporate Investigations

Corporate investigations can be a labyrinth of corporate speak and red tape. Private investigators cut through the clutter to bring forth the truth. Whether it's a matter of internal fraud, due diligence for a merger or acquisition, or even corporate espionage, PIs bring a level of scrutiny and acumen that can safeguard a company’s interests and, by extension, the legal team’s success in representing them.

Are You Searching for a Reputable Private Investigation Company?

The absence of critical information can lead to shaky grounds for any legal argument. Law firms need the assurance that comes with having a dedicated private investigator in their corner. At the Global Bureau of Security & Investigations, we understand the complexities of legal battles and the value of information. With our private investigation services, you can transform uncertainty into a clear-cut strategy and a well-constructed case. Contact our office for more details or to schedule a consultation. 

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