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240 Auburn Avenue 
Atlanta, GA 30303 
Phone: (404)876-7273
Fax: (404) 348-4400
There is a constant war being waged against your assets, your personnel and your data. At GBSI we have proven, over the last 20 years, which we have the experience, the technology and the unique tools to help you win that war.

I assume this war has begun to affect you; otherwise you wouldn’t be searching for international security companies.

I do thank you for including GBSI in your search. I never forget you have a choice of security companies and I hope to be able to go that extra mile for you and answer any questions you may have about your security problems and our abilities to solve them.

Granted, I want to convince you that your best choice would be GBSI, no matter how large or small your security needs may be. But I don’t have to make empty promises to do so. Over the years a great number of governments, corporations, organizations and individuals, who need the same security services that you need, have already chosen GBSI over other companies and we’ve grown from a local company to a national company and now to a fully fledged and accredited international company.

One reason is our underlying culture. Myself and the Directors of all of our major departments, have extensive experience in police work and the code we lived by as law enforcement officers - to protect and serve - has become the unique backbone of GBSI. So the work we do for you is not a job, it’s a sacred duty and, suddenly, with GBSI, you’ll feel have an entire private police force to protect and serve you. Another reason we are so often chosen is the personal relationship that you just aren’t offered at other international security companies. I founded this company. I still own this company. And every client, local, national and international, enjoys a personal, one on one relationship with me. Because security is personal. It’s the only way I can protect and serve you the way I believe you should be protected and served.

Please feel free to contact me personally, and I will respond to your inquiries in one business day.

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Global Bureau of Security & Investigations © All Rights Reserved 240 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303 Phone: 404-876-7273 Fax: (404) 348-4400
GBSI LLC offers Neighborhood Patrol, Bodyguard & Armed Guard, Travel Security, Domestic Violence Investigation, Child Trafficking Investigations, Domestic Violence Security,
Identity theft Investigation services in Metro Atlanta Area and surrounding areas Roswell, GA, Alpharetta, Marietta, Buckhead, Kennesaw, Norcorss, Decator, Lawrenceville.