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Training Services

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The GBSI Training Philosophy

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

This is the philosophy that GBSI offers for your safety. Thorough training courses all reviewed and approved through the State of Georgia, in a wide range of security areas to provide you or your company with a lifetime of confidence, preparedness and peace of mind.

Training vs. GBSI Training?

GBSI offers advanced, accredited, defensive and offensive training courses, which, up until now have only been available to the military, to federal and state police departments and to special government agencies like the Secret Service. Through the special connections of GBSI founder Robert Conley, however, these courses of study are now open to individuals, corporate executives, security personnel and private investigators.

GBSI instructors are all recognized leaders in their fields and have not only extensive theoretical knowledge of their subjects, but have years of practical experience as well. So you or your staff will be well schooled in safety and security.

Courses include:

• Basic and Advanced Security Officer Course 
• Firearms training: Pistol, Semi-Automatic, and Shotgun
• Tactical Courses
• Crowd Control
• Patrol Techniques
• Conducting Physical Security Sweeps, Searches and Checks
• Report Writing
• Effective Supervision
• Leadership and Responsibility
• Comprehensive Security Operation Review
• Review of Company’s Security Master Plan
• Emergency/Crisis Management
• Review of the physical security resources including fencing, gates, lighting doors and locks.
• Review of technical security resources including proper use and condition of access control equipment, closed circuit television resources, and alarms.


Restricted instruction, now available to private citizens and companies.

That’s the difference between training and Global training.


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